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"You've followed her your whole life...are you willing to let her go?"

Put on your hiking boots as Dina, an aspiring mechanic working at the Hurangi Spaceport, called to reunite with her childhood friend at an old hangout spot. After three long years apart, her friend Julie has finally graduated from flight school, ready to see the whole universe in its splendid glory. The only problem: Dina prefers to be on solid ground.

Catching up is great, but can things really go back to the way they were?

*Content Rating: 13+ (Language / Suggestive Material)

{ Entry for SuNoFES 2020 }


- Approximately 10,000 words
- Two endings, both optimistic
- Original music with 5 tracks
- 3 CGs capturing heartwarming moments
- Spoiler Alert: They kiss!


Jeroz - Project Lead, Co-Writer, Sprite Artist, Scripter

West of Entropy - Co-Writer

Yuuki Rafflesia - Composer/Background

Raseruuu - Programmer


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Fun and sweet little game. Worth checking out.

Hello, I just downloaded the game and gave it a go, it was quite enjoyable!
Yet, I'm looking forward to give it a proper Spanish translation, if so, please, let me know.

Sure thing. DM me on Twitter, same username

Aww it was so sweet! I really enjoyed playing it, loved the way you mixed text UI together! Banger music track too, loved it!

Deleted 44 days ago

Hiii! I'm the composer, Jeroz told me about your comment so I just gotta say thankyou so much!!! Super glad ya liked ^_^

You did a great job with it!


I like how you threw a very active and a very (supposedly) passive character together, and created some interesting dynamics between them. Plus, the cuteness. ;)

I especially enjoyed the "breaking out of her shell" ending, if you can call it that, although both endings are sweet, indeed.

A noteworthy thing: The opening screen (the main menu) really set up a nice mood. It was this screen with both its music and its simple, yet effective visuals that drew me in. Whoever designed that: Nice job, because first impressions count! :)

An unfulfilled wish #1: I would've loved to see a CG with both of them looking at those comets! I mean, it's even in the title! Like, it's in the title! But probably not in the budget? ;)

An unfulfilled wish #2: The art appears to focus on Julie, which is nice, given her looks and all, but I would've really liked to see more of Dina as well. She just seems more like "my kind of girl", I guess. ;)

Bottom line: Pretty decent job, I liked it. Will leave a few coins behind, because it's worth it.

Please keep creating!

I'm glad you like this a lot. I personally like constantly shifting dynamics, so having asymmetrical character types is fun to write.

Yeah unfortunately we ran out of time wrt to CG production, I could draw one in a future devlog post.I got think a couple more old sketches of Dina which I can share as well if you like.

Yes, please do share them with us, if you can find the time for it!

Thanks! :)


That was great! Top notch yuri! (Julie and Dina are so cute together...!!) Loved the menu animation and the art too.


ikr, aren't they just the cutest?


It was a nice and sweet story and I enjoyed both the endings. The music, animation and story all fit together very nicely too. :)


I really enjoyed this, it was so heartwarming, sweet and i like some of the space talk, i love space in general so it really peaked my interest, even though it seemed more futuristic, i hope you didnt mind by i decide to make a few youtube videos of it as a kind of mini series to hopefully get more people to experience this hidden gem, i'm a small channel but i still want people to see your amazing work, keep it up :)

(1 edit) (+2)

oh no, please go ahead. I highly welcome it. Thank you so much


Im glad :) I hope more people download this game


Cute,short story,i enjoyed it a lot.


Thank you! I'm so happy that you liked it.